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Learn How I Closed Over 1,200 Deals Using Other People’s Money (O.P.M.) To Scale My REI Business To 8 Figures & How You Can Too

Thursday,  March 3rd  @ 5pm Central
Get Rich AF, Be Free AF, It's Fun AF.
(and leave your F-ing mask at home for this training)
*Seats are limited to 200 spots.

In this FREE #AF Virtual Masterclass, you’ll discover:

How To Find, Buy, And Fund Great Real Estate Deals

Where To Find Deals & How To Know What To Pay

How To Fund Your Deals (Even if you have bad credit)

TJ Kosen overcame insurmountable odds to become a true American success story
At the peak of success, with a million dollar construction business, TJ free-fell 25 feet, shattering his back. Doctors said he’d never walk again, but TJ walked out of the hospital a few months later and never looked back. 

Today, with more than 1,200 real estate deals closed and a multi-million dollar portfolio, TJ and his team train others how to get off the “transaction treadmill” and build highly profitable real estate businesses. 

TJ’s secret to success is a REPEATABLE operations, deal-analysis and deal completion system that works amazing AF with any kind of real estate.

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I’m TJ Kosen, founder and CEO of REI AF 

And like you, I spent years chasing deals, working my ass off, grinding out deal after deal, without any clear plan. Tragedy forced me to re-evaluate what I was doing and led me to spend months building an operational system for my real estate business that replaces all the unknowns with specific methods to increase efficiency, deal flow, deal success and profit margin. 

My gift to you is time -- all the time I spent building the 5FR system that has enabled me to scale up my business and blow away all my old goals. Now I make a lot more money, but I work less, stress less and have a lot more time for fun, family, friends and legacy-building.

Right now is one of the best times I’ve ever seen to grow a real estate business, because the crazy ass times we’re in create ridiculous opportunities for those who know where to look AND have a tried and true system for making the right deals.

If you’re hungry for a bigger, better, bolder life then I invite you to learn the 5FR system I’ve used to scale my business into the millions and close hundreds of new deals every year.

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To Your Success!

TJ Kosen

Why Am I Giving This Event Away For Free? 
Why Am I Giving This Training Away For Free? 
My life changed in an Instant, I went from living a normal life to being paralyzed in a freak accident.

I was told that I'd never walk again. I didn't accept that. 8 weeks later I walked out of that hospital. One year later I was playing tennis and even built a million dollar business. So many people told me I couldn't do any of these things. I proved them wrong time and time again because I don't listen to the naysayers and the dream stealers. 

There will be people out there that will tell you that you “CAN’T”...
Can’t have more…
 Can’t do better…
 Can’t hit your goal...
 Can’t give more…
And I want to show you everything you want IS possible, and how you CAN get there no matter your circumstances!

And because… 

Real Estate literally changed my LIFE.  

It gave me more TIME to spend with my family…

It took away the STRESS of pushing so hard every day, trying to build the dream life...  

And it allowed me to add employees and scale my business, without having to do ALL of the work on my own.

That’s EXACTLY what I want for you…
* Seats are limited to 200 spots *


"Within 2 months of joining Tj's Mastermind I had 4 Listings under contract and sold!"


"This group has inspired me to be better, to do better and commit to be the best version of myself and to get serious and grow my BUSINESS. I've been in other masterminds but this one's the best. Here's to crushing it in 2022. 💪"


"My most recent flip, I'm projecting a $75,000 profit."

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