Join the Platinum Real Estate Investing Mastermind!

Jump start your new business – or take your existing business to new levels by joining the Platinum REI (Real Real Estate Investing) Mastermind! 


Platinum Program! $45,000 / 24 months

This is as good as it gets! We build your business together!

You get everything from Gold package AND our #reiAF leads package below!  Most importantly, you get our business model – set up and customized for your needs!

Not only do you get:

  • Everything from our Gold Program (24 months access – a $24,000 value)
  • Everything from our REI Acquisitions Funnel Marketing Package (a $7,000 value)

But also:

  • Our Business Model customized to fit your needs
  • A clear cut pathway for success in your Real Estate business – from Acquisition through Exit!
  • Individual personalized goal setting to help you build your business and develop your team
  • Unrestricted access to one on one coaching – with quarterly HOSTED Golf outings!

This is huge!  At our platinum level, we take our business, our websites, our proven marketing plan and help YOU implement our system.  Basically, we walk you through setting up and implementing our business structure!  We work with you to build your business!

This is a highly selective program.  We must be a good fit for each other!

There’s so much more to this program: Click below to find out!


Gold Mastermind Program $1,000 / a month (or $10,000 for 12 months)

(Pre – Full launch special – $500 / a month – OR $5,000 a year, locked in for the duration of your membership! –  We go full live in Mar 2020!)

This is a true mastermind program!  We will meet quarterly – in different cities – as a group to discuss our business and personal growth! You get access to any in house education events we put on – around the country.

You have access to:

  • Our #SuperSecret facebook group
  • Quarterly hosted formal mastermind meetings!
    • These will be 2 day events and also include:
      • Free Dinners,
      • Free Drinks
      • Great formal and informal discussions designed to build your business!
  • Weekly 60-90 min group Zoom calls where we talk about everything Including:
    • Acquisitions
    • Construction
    • Sales
    • Asset management
    • Analysis
    • full Q&A session!
  • A quarterly 1 on 1 – hour strategy calls with TJ Kosen to maximize your business goals!
  • Accountability and quarterly goal setting assignments!
  • Opportunity to join our quarterly Golf event!

This mastermind isn’t to push you to one strategy that works for us –  (wholesales / flips / rentals / owner finance / rural investing etc.)  – our goal is to assist you in developing a comprehensive business model that works to meet your individual needs!  The best way to do that is through a supportive community!

Join our community of Real Estate Professionals. Don’t just learn from TJ Kosen and Sherlock Houses.  Join the family – so we learn from each other.  I always say – there is  competition for a transaction (deal) but together – we can build each other up personally and professionally!  If you are active in a market and are prepared to give as much or more than you take, help lift the community up, and share ideas – this Mastermind is the place for you.

Full mastermind Program Going LIVE Early 2020 – Join now at the discounted rate!


#reiAF (Real Estate Investing Acquisitions Funnel) Program

Are you doing well – but you want to diversify or enhance your lead flow?  We’ve got you covered.

This program is straightforward.  We sell you the leads we generate.  These are the same leads we use to close deals!  These are individualized and unique to you.  Our leads are high quality, high converting inbound leads generated from our PPC and SEO web traffic.

The Minimum lead package size is $7,000.  This includes a strategy call with you to determine if we are the right fit.  We set the expectation with you for lead types, quality, potential conversion rates, and discuss ideal acquisition costs.

Why do they cost so much?  Because we’ve spent over a hundred thousand dollars optimizing our approach, and we improve monthly!

The initial setup and consultation is included in the $7,000.  We allocate $5,000 directly to paid traffic (we don’t make money on this).

Additional terms and conditions apply, including minimum sizes, minimum spend rate to our paid traffic sources, and minimum billing requirements.

Again, these are the same leads we use to close amazing deals in the metroplex! And for a limited number of clients, we’re letting you in on the action!